Readers React: Can San Diego really run a power utility company?

power lines
Under a community choice aggregation, or CCA, energy model, the role of purchasing electrical power sources belongs to local governments instead of utilities such as San Diego Gas & Electric.
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Time for the city to focus on providing typical government services.

City hasn’t proven it can run power utility

Re “Council president rejects hearing on electric, gas bids” (Nov. 10): Stop the insanity. The city of San Diego has proven that it is not capable of managing major investments. The Ash Street building lease has cost the city millions of dollars and most likely will cost us several million more before the lawsuits are settled. The city cannot even bill water customers correctly. The city infrastructure (roads, sidewalks) is finally being fixed after years of neglect and costly lawsuits.

Where will the city get the expertise to run a utility? By going out and hiring experts from the industry and paying them competitive salaries and government pensions on top of their salaries, sign-up bonuses, etc. Where will the funds come from to pay for the billions of dollars in startup costs?

Time for the city to focus on providing typical government services, not creating new business ventures. Let’s get a utility with experience, not some newly created government venture.

Jim Gandolfi


La Jolla